The Man Behind The Mask

My name is Audacious Barrington Huxley and it is my self-appointed mission to bring the light of progressive thought, decency and fair play to a world darkened by the ignorant and the crass. On the way I plan to fornicate profusely, travel the globe and consume copious amounts of gin and or other spirits of a sophisticated nature. Any who wish to join me on this endeavour are more than welcome.

As for information of a more personal nature, this I prefer to keep quiet, for as the Scarlet Pimpernel of the modern age, there are many nefarious villains who seek to silence me, so as to perpetuate the global dictatorship of the crass. However I deem it fit to relate to you the following.

My name is Audacious Barrington Huxley, this I imagine is something that I have had the presence of mind to mention before. I am a young gentleman of the Antipodes, living somewhat reluctantly in the former colony of New South Wales since my birth.

In regards to appearance I aspire to the quintessential role of the tall dark stranger. I dress whenever possible in tweed, however on special occasions I deign it necessary to don black tie. I also tend to cultivate a sophisticated and masculine moustache.

In regards to politics I define myself loosely as a radical, drawing on both Spencian and Marxian influences. I advocate the common ownership of land, the freedom of speech and action, and a collectivist social revolution. In short the abolition of one type of class and its replacement by another.

I hope this satisfies your curiosity, and any further questions of a personal nature will be answered at my discretion via the comment mechanism below. I can also be contacted at

Yours Truly and Unequivocally, Audacious Barrington Huxley, Rightful Heir to the County of Tyrone and Duchy of Nassau, Muse of the Lumpenproletariat and General Rapscallion etc.

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