The Nabiac Midnight

The Nabiac Midnight is a bastard of a drink. Spawned in a drunken flight of fancy on a far flung rural property from a collection of the few liquids available, as far as cocktails go, this example is fairly ordinary. However, given the manner of its inception, its limited success is something to be lauded. Hence my publication and broadcast of it to the world. Ingredients and instructions are as follows.

1. Quarter glass of white coconut rum

2. Two nips of bourbon

3. Three quarter glass of carbonated cola.

Serve preferably chilled in a cocktail goblet.

The rum provides a sweetener that would be sickly, if not for the strong, mullifying, spiritual hand of the bourbon, reining in the rum’s dramatic excesses, and adding it’s own subtle nudge to the throat. The carbonated cola provides the mellow, lackadaisacal body of the drink, the extra-martial bed upon which the two liqours entwine. Do try it.

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