Ohrwurm 1: The Alabama Song


Ohrwurm is a German word, meaning literally “Earworm”, and is a song or section of a song that seems stick inside one’s head, playing itself internally regardless of time or place. All in all it is a most impolite thought process, but the identification and comprehension of similar thought processes, and the cavalier fashion that the mind conducts itself are personal interests of mine, and are phenomena that I find both  whimsically interesting and mentally worthwhile.

Another such interest of mine is music. I am a lover of almost all music, and although I find myself passing through periods of listening to one style exclusively, I attempt to remain open to all. Music and Ohrwurmen shall henceforth play a central and pivotal role on this website. The first Ohrwurm I have chosen to share is the Alabama Song.

Written in the delightfully evocative Weimar era of Germany by twin geniuses Berthold Brecht and Kurt Weill, this fantastic and unique rendition is played by an equally fantastic and historically significant group, “The Doors”. I hope this music finds you well, and entrances you with the tandem magic of Weimar Germany and late 60s America.


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