Greetings kind and noble readers. At precisely this moment this is, and I hope will continue to be, the official and authoritative website of I, Audacious Barrington Huxley.

One can expect to find articles concerning politics, decor, fine liquor, tweed, my personal exploits and struggle to make some sort of meaning out of an increasingly complex universe. I’m sure that somewhere old Kierkegaard is having a good honest giggle.

I hope this collection of correspondences from a young gentleman radical tickles your fancy so to speak, and I aspire to forging connections with many new associates as time progresses.

Yours Truly and Unequivocally, Audacious Barrington Huxley, Rightful Heir to the County of Tyrone and Duchy of Nassau, Muse of the Lumpenproletariat and General Rapscallion etc.


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